Unforgettable nights out and how to have them

Every Saturday night do you find yourself falling into the same routine? Perhaps it’s a pint or three in your local pub, or maybe it’s heading round to your friend’s house for a gaming sesh. The familiar is of course comfortable, but it is time to shake things up and start planning some amazingly unforgettable nights out!

Organising something a little bit extraordinary for a big night out is so easy, and it is also a great way to mark more special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, engagements… Need a bit of inspiration to get started with your preparations? Then find out just what else you could be doing on a Saturday night.

Wine/beer/whisky/gin tasting

We do like our fancy tipples, and it is always nice to experience new tastes and how to enjoy them even more. So a tasting of your favourite drink is always going to be a great night. All around the country, lots of bars, brassieres and breweries offer the chance to enjoy a sip or two of their finest, and with an expert on hand to help you define those amazing tastes, this can make for a great (and pretty classy we might add) night out.  Click here for a great foodie option!

Beating the clock in an escape room

In the last few years, escape rooms have become really popular as a way for you and your friends to test themselves Crystal Maze style. The basic idea is how to solve a series of clues to escape a locked room – it sounds simple, but these clues can be fiendishly difficult, and of course the clock is always ticking.

With lots of theme variations from prison cells, to the Wild West, there is sure to be a local escape room near you that you can really sink your teeth into, and puzzle those brain cells.

Did someone say go karting?

An exhilarating way to get your heart pumping at the start of a big night out is with a lap or two at a go karting centre. The perfect way to indulge your inner kid, you can race your friends, be a little bit competitive and show off just who’s really the boss of the track.

To go one step further, you could always organise an hour or two of driving a powerful sports car on a race track. The perfect chance to get behind the wheel of the luxury car of your dreams, for petrol heads this is always going to be a winning option for your night out.

Being a bit active

If you would rather earn a beer or two by working up a sweat first, then why not try something a bit more active, followed by well-deserved food and drinks afterwards? There are plenty of activity centres that let you try out a beginners’ session, and whether you fancy learning the basics of climbing, or how to swish yourself down the slopes on a snowboard, this is a fantastic way of enjoying a big night out with your friends.

Dinner and theatre

Looking for a way to make a romantic night out that little bit more special and unforgettable? Then why not bring out the bring guns with dinner and theatre for two? A charmingly old-fashioned way to step up the romance, you can also enjoy some amazing food and top notch entertainment. And even though you’re going to be laying out the red carpet on this type of night out (with rose petals too), there are actually plenty of great and affordable packages to take advantage of when you want to see a play or a show, and with dinner thrown in too.

So it is time to do something a little bit extraordinary on a night out – just think of all the great memories (and photo opportunities)! Finding and booking these kinds of activities is easy, and you can search online for handily accessible ones in your local area. And if you’ve got an eye for a bargain, then we highly recommend checking out what is on offer for Virgin Experience Days. With a huge choice of experiences to suit you, it is well worth seeing what you could be enjoying.

Get the group chat buzzing with your amazing plans for your next big night out, and create some incredible memories that’ll last forever.

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