Asking the right questions on a brewery tour

Chances are, that one of the very first alcoholic beverages that you tried was in fact a beer, and whether it was sneakily stolen from the back of your parents’ fridge, or proudly purchased for the first time at your local pub, you’re still probably a fan of the brew. That’s why a brewery tour with a mate or two is a great idea!

But before you head straight down to the beer tasting department, to get the most of the tour, it is a good idea to go there armed with a few suggestions as to what you should be taking note of. Read on for our tips.

How does the brewing process affect the taste?

Most beer involves the use of the same 4 simple ingredients – water, yeast, hops and grain. So it’s the brewing process that each beer has that is unique to it, that gives that special taste. So find out the ins and outs of how a particular craft beer becomes the tempting beverage that it is.

Does the area affect the beers brewed?

Especially when it comes to craft breweries with artisanal beers, the local area and its climate, tastes and culture can all make a big difference to what’s the motivating factor behind the flavour. Ask a little bit more and find out if this has influenced the brewing process at all.

What food is recommended with the beer?

Most breweries will have had their beer carefully tasted and appraised by experts, and they will know for sure how to get the most out of your pint, and what food will go with it too. Ask for parings, or if it’s a brewery with a pub which serves food attached, get inspiration from your server.

Where do the names come from?

Breweries these days manage to come up with some weird and wonderful names that definitely stick in the memory. Aside from marketing purposes though, find out if there are any anecdotes about how the beers got the names they did.

Discover some amazing beers, and a bit more about them too by booking yourself in for a brewery tour!

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