Getting into Whisky – The Beginners Guide

Sometimes to enjoy the finer things in life, it takes a little time to appreciate them, and when it comes to whisky, the art of savouring it can take a lifetime to master. So taking that into consideration, there is no time like the present to try out whisky tasting!

Now we are not talking about Jack Daniels and coke here, but the finest Scotch whiskies that are enjoyed by connoisseurs worldwide – just note the spelling of whisky with a Y. Even if the smell has initially put you off, or the heftier price tag, it is now time to dive into the world of Scottish whisky.

The first step on your journey of whisky discovery is to understand the finer points of what styles of the good stuff you can get. Once you understand this, you’ll be able to better grasp and take note of what it is you’re savouring!

The Single Malt

Often one of the most pricy types of whisky, and also one of the most popular, single malt is a type of whisky that has been made exclusively at one distillery, using one type of barley, and hasn’t got any other types of whiskies blended in with it. It can however, have various whiskies from that one distillery blended to make the malt.

Blended Malt

Typically a bit more economical than single malts, a blended malt is a mixture of single malts from various distilleries that have been, well, blended together obviously. This can create a great depth of flavour, as well as crowd-pleasers with a taste for everyone.

Single grain

A single grain whisky is a type of whisky that has once again been gaining in popularity. Made at one distillery from the same grain in one batch, it has a full bodied taste that is unmistakeable.

Blended whisky

A blended whisky is a kind of Heinz57 of a whisky, involving a blend of single grain and single malt whiskies. With a general distribution of 40% malt to 60% grain whisky, this type is one of the most popular, with top brands like Famous Grouse and Whyte & Mackay being blended whiskies.

So there you have your basic styles of whiskies which means you can at least nod a little more intelligently when handed a tasty dram!

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