Red Wine: Your Tooth’s Worst Friend

So I’m always bestowing the benefits of a glass of red wine a day to anyone within ear shot. As the BBC have said, a glass is chock full of antioxidants that can help make things move through your body a little bit better. And there’s the supposed research too that 1 glass is just as good as an hour at the gym (if you do’#t believe me then read this) but there is one area where wine just doesn’t do any good: your lovely teeth. 


If you enjoy a glass of a dark red like me and hate the idea of what it’s doing to your teeth, never fear! In this little blog post I’ll tell you exactly what wine does to your teeth and what you can do to stop it

What does red wine do to your teeth?

It can stain your teeth and make them weaker (yes weaker) when trying to fight off bacteria.

Why does it do it?

The sugars in wine are naturally occurring and just like sugar in any fruit juice it can drain some of the calcium (enamel) from your teeth. When your enamel has a hard time working, your teeth can become discoloured or have a few pain issues. Even though our teeth are hard, the reason they can stain is because they’re quite porous and when we throw sugars at them we make it quite hard for teeth to fight back.


Is there anything I can do to stop it?

Well unless you stop drinking it (which obviously isn’t a good idea) there isn’t much you can do. Don’t forget though that there are simple ways to keep your teeth in good condition after your wine in the evening. If you have badly stained teeth and want them looking white as porcelain then short of being able to find wine flavoured toothpaste (look its a real thing), you’ll have to start taking better care of your gnashers.

How can I get whiter teeth if I drink wine?

No one is ever going to brush their teeth right after a glass as it would ruin the taste and just wouldn’t be worth it. I’d advise doing some research in to teeth whitening and laser treatments for repairing enamel. Of course you should always floss every night as I think it’s the magic secret behind having great gums, which your teeth need to be in good condition. And of course if that’s all too much, another glass of wine won’t do any more harm, but maybe you want want to switch to a White Zinfandel that isn’t as harsh on your teeth (or palette)

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