Having A Tipple in the Diplomatic Area

It can get incredibly hot out in the desert. When you find an oasis like Bahrain in the Persian Gulf, you’ll not struggle to find a good drink to get the taste buds flowing. and quench your thirst. So where is the best bar in Bahrain to enjoy a tipple? We have you covered.

The first thing to know is that drinking laws in Bahrain aren’t as strict as other countries around the gulf. While you can’t drink out on the streets in the public, it’s perfectly fine to buy alcohol in designated stores or wile away the evening in a bar. And this is something that’s on the rise in the area thanks to the diverse economic profile of the country. The country does have massive oils reserves like its neighbouring countries, but its never gone as forcefully in to production (you can learn more about this with a brief history from the BBC website) With a rising number of ex-pats from Europe moving in to the area for employment, a number of luxury hotels popping up around the Diplomatic Area and an American naval base on the northside, it’s a hotbed for fun nights out. So let’s investigate.

Its interesting to watch a small, but thriving bar scene start to pop up here and there. If you’re the kind of person who loves a good pint of beer and a lively atmosphere, head down around Rd No 2607 in Manama and look for JJ’s Irish Pub. There are live events on almost every night of the week and its one of the popular spots in the area for watching football. As you can see from the photo above, it is a bar that wouldn’t look out of place in Dublin or Cork.

Of all the luxury suites Bahrain  has to offer, the majority of cocktail bars are dotted around town. For those who like a good bang for their buck, La Bellevue tucked away in the Novotel Al Dana Resort offers some luxury cocktails at half the price, twice a day, at 6-7pm and 9-10pm. It’s often a spot for younger couples who want a good deal and a semi-romantic view out over the water. It’s often compared to the serviced apartments Doha is known for.

Quite a rare site to see in terms of a themed bar, the Sherlock Holmes bar in the Gulf Hotel is a long-standing and reliable option if all you want is a pint, a seat and chance for a good chat. It’s mush more laid back than other bars in the area and is known for having above par pub grub. Some reviewers on TripAdvisor have said though that there is a lack of atmosphere in the building as it’s hotel location makes it feel more like a large themed restaurant you might find in somewhere like Las Vegas.

Now if you’re after a much more traditional affair for a night out, make sure to visit Chaise. It’s a very popular spot amongst locals and in the early evening you’ll see plenty of the tables occupied with people enjoying shisha and a long style cocktail. It also does surprisingly good spaghetti dishes for not even being an Italian spot.

So there are some of our top spots for a drink in Bahrain. Do you have any we should mention? Get in touch!

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