Me & Mr.Jones

Known for a slew of trendy hotspots in the lower west side of Manhattan, SoHo is the go to place for those who want a good night out in the Big Apple, but don’t want to find themselves stuck in another soulless high-end restaurant. Creating a space that is visually relaxing and perfect for any kind of group to meet up can be hard, but one bar/restaurant has managed to do just that. Welcome to Mr.Jones in Trump SoHo.

This is a bar unlike anything else you’ll see in Downtown. While everything in Chinatown to the right focuses on that dive bar feel, and everything on the left goes quite upmarket the closer you get to One World Trade, this bar acts a nice slice of heaven to escape in to. The theme of the venue is middle century Americana and it shows throughout. You’ll find art, furniture and lighting you’d see in photos of a swinging 60’s joint. Every little detail of the bar has been carefully considered. The entire look of the bar was created by creative agency Pearlfisher.


The rich warm feeling runs through everything from the cocktail menu, to business cards and stationery to the napkins for your drink. This attention to detail is something you don’t find in many other bars in the surrounding area and has to be concentrated in a space for just 80 people; giving it that unique New York feeling of exclusivity. Such an intimate space requires a concise menu too and the offerings at Mr.Jones nail this right on the head.

Firstly, the wine menu is no nonsense and suits every taste. A Pinot from Italy and Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand will cleanse any palette, while the Pinot Noir from California is perfectly pleasant. Local choices for their beer selection, with Coney Island Pilsner and Brooklyn East IPA keep tastes grounded in New York.


Many local critics have commented on the cocktail menu. A small menu of 13 tipples on offer shows the attention to detail in making sure nothing is overcomplicated. The most popular of the bunch if the Lonely Heart (pictured above). Kappa Pisco, Champagne, Strawberry, Lemon come together for the ideal after work cocktail; nothing too heavy, but with enough fizz for anyone to appreciate.


As you can see, the layout and chairs used evoke that 1960s plastic Americana feeling within a warm setting. This helps the food menu to give reason to fit in. Everything on the menu was made to be shared an a tapas bar style. Foie gras ravioli, baja fish tacos, crispy bao buns and Maine lobster taquitos help perfectly balance the lightness of the drinks on offer with incredibly rich morsels.


Overall, with a cheeky décor and well thought out menu, Mr.Jones is a perfect fit for SoHo. With nearby bars and restaurants like Taureau, Barrel Room and Mae Mae Café all following a similar vein for low key dining infused with high end food and drinks offerings, a glass or two in SoHo continues to be quite the trendy thing to do.

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